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Abstract Fluid Artist , Content Creator & Designer

Professional Life Coach & Therapeutic Art Life Coach

Fine Art, Decor & Fashion

A   T I N Y   G L I M P S E   I N T O   M Y   H A P P Y   P L A C E . . .

I N T E R E S T I N G   F A C T

How was Lulu Fiya created?  As a little girl, my moms pet name for me was Lulu. My brother couldn't pronounce my name, Saufiyah, properly so his pet name for me was Fiya.  It isn't just a brand name. It is ME! It has many childhood memories, love and joy which is a big part of me and my growth. Unique, special and personal

A B O U T    M E 

Born and raised in South Africa. Spontaneous, crazy, daring and can paint ALL day long if I could. I love photographing nature, clouds and anything colorful...then try and paint it. I LOVE good food and awesome company to share it with. I love to travel and explore new things and hope to travel the world some day.  I adore animals and love reptiles. I enjoy horse riding and everything outdoors, except for camping in the cold! Another passion besides my art and being creative, is being fit. Swimming is my favorite sport and is a HUGE part of my life. As a swim coach and personal trainer, this passion is just as important to me as being an Artist.

Abstract Fluid Artist & Calligrapher, Graphic, Textile, Interior & Fashion Designer, Therapeutic Art Life Coach

 I'm a self thought artist and I don't focus on tools or use conventional tools but focus on color and movement to evoke emotion. Each piece is a reflection of my soul and an extension of who I am. It conveys feelings and emotion that I sometimes (most times) can't quite express through words. It's a world in which there are no rules, no judgement, no pressure and no expectation, but rather a world  in which I can express openly and freely and my creativity is limitless. I can be myself. Art is a way for me to get lost and roll around in the beautiful chaos around us and inside of me.  Art is also my way of leaving those emotions behind me. I feel it, channel it, create and then walk away although sometimes I tend to go back to add more detail

It's diverse and complex... but unique and beautiful in it's own... It's my Happy Place

Being an Artist is my full time career. Sometimes things don't  always turn out as great as I imagine it to be or as I want it to be. I have a creative block now and again and have  to work through it but that's the beauty of it.  Running a business from home isn't easy but it isn't impossible and I would not change any of it for the world.  It is important to allow myself grace and mercy as I work and never be afraid to fail at an idea or venture but rather be afraid of stopping

I’ve always been a little intense and passionate about things and feel way too much which can often be misinterpreted. I love horror, fantasy and sci-fi movies. It feeds my imagination,  its different and sometimes I really have a good laugh from it. My head is full of ideas and constantly working. I am passionate about art and all things creative, but I pay a really particular and close attention to detail. A little OCD, neat freak and a control freak about certain things. I overthink everything, and have a hard time cutting myself slack. A total weirdo, yep!

I firmly believe that what goes around comes around and being kind, loving, standing by what is true and standing by what I believe in is the most important thing in my life and the kind of energy you put out, you attract. Life is too short and valuable to be hating and holding grudges. My voice might not be loud enough yet, but that doesn't mean I cant break a cycle, make a difference, stand up for myself and never compromise ME! I love watching others succeed and grow, and the most fulfilling thing in my life at the moment is knowing I can be a source of inspiration for others

A B O U T   M Y   A R T   &   I N S P I R A T I O N

I love working with bright and pastel colors, fluid movement and their natural flow. However, is a process and takes time to develop into something that is my style I continue learning new things and new ways in creating, developing, exploring and perfecting a technique that is unique to me.  I work with fluid mediums such as High Flow Acrylics, Ink, Watercolor and Resin. Many people have asked about sharing my style and technique but unfortunately, I don't share my process or technique on my inks and acrylics. They have taken me over two years to perfect and develop into something that is unique to me. If you are venturing into this, my advice is to keep trying until you perfect a style that is YOURS. I will however be sharing the products and some of the tools I use, process videos and workshops on acrylic pouring and watercolor

I am inspired by many things. Emotions and Energy, because I experience so many of them in my internal landscape. People I've met, places I’ve been to or simply how I am feeling in that moment. When I paint, I paint with my heart and soul. Each painting has a part of me in it and always has a deeper meaning. If you look closely, they have a story to share. 

My motivation comes from me wanting to be the best version of myself. For my family, for other women and young girls who are going through their journey, discovering who they are, realizing their worth and their power, finding their voice and making a positive difference. But, most importantly, for myself

Part of the reason I continue to do what is so that I can help empower and uplift women. I believe beauty comes in different forms and there is a profound beauty in every one of us. That's what makes each and every one of us so unique and special. That is your power and with the right support, love and  care it can blossom into something so much bigger, so much more beautiful and will keep blossoming. I have come a very long way from mistakes, lessons learnt and breaking down stereotypical, judgmental and indoctrinated barriers. I hope that with myself and my art I can help other women do the same, with better tools and knowledge to equip them with and  help them achieve everything they've dreamed off.  Hopefully I get to share my blog this year on women empowerment and self worth, which I'm really excited about!

M Y   J O U R N E Y

There are few things that I love to share, one of them being my art and my journey through the whole process. My mom asking me at 13 what I wanted to be. I knew I wanted to do something I love! When I wake up in the morning,  I wanted to feel eager and happy to go to work. Have a burning passion and unrelenting excitement to start the next day, everyday. Never being tired or bored of what I do or doing it just because I have to. Graphic Designing was my first introduction to the world of color and I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. I still found myself going back to pencil and paper before doing anything digitally. Eventually, from design firms to textile companies and working with family, pursuing other passions , after a good few years and being pregnant with baby number 2, I realized that working in a corporate company isn't for me and finally embraced that I am an artist and I should stop wasting my time trying to be something I'm not. This is who I am. My Journey to get here was challenging and one hell of a roller coaster. It all began just after my eldest turned 1. I always loved being creative and i use to draw and paint all the time as a little girl.  It comes out in everything I do. We sometimes forget or get so carried away doing everyday things that become monotonous. I wasn't teaching swimming anymore nor did I want to go back to Personal training and working at Virgin Active. Even though I had my graphic designing and set clients, it didn't give me the same thrill it use to. I had somehow lost ME. Lost my essence and my zest to be ME. I decided I want that ME back and I wanted her back asap! I wanted to be that woman I know I am and dreamed of being I got back into my art about 3 years ago with no intention to sell or have a business, I just kept creating and giving them away. I then realized that I was ready make it into something. Despite having to deal with unavoidable daily stresses,  some kind of drama or the other ( when isn't there!?!), my health and well being, tackling my fears and sometimes not seeing the outcome at the end of it all and wanting to throw in the towel and I would sometimes lose my vision as to why and how I started this journey and have to take myself back, take a break and rewind, but despite it all, I made it! A year ago I took my art professionally and In December 2018 I launched my online store and website. This is a huge accomplishment for me and most definitely a dream come true and well ... it's ME.Today, I am able to do this and so much more through the unconditional love, never ending encouragement and consistent support of My Amazing Partner, My Mom and  My Grandfather and my favorite sidekick of all time, My Brother! Thank you for always believing in me, standing by me, pushing me to reach for the stars and beyond, and helping me make this possible! Not to forget my family, friends and fans, who helped inspire and remind me why I do what I do. Thank you so much for all your love and support

Thank you for taking the time out to read this far. I hope to keep sharing, inspiring, motivating and spreading the love.  There are loads to look forward to this year.  Tons of Giveaways, competitions and empowering women! Don't give up on your dream, follow your heart and make ALL your dreams come true.

W H A T   I   O F F E R

Custom Signature Fine Art 

Scatter Cushions

Resin Trays, Serving boards and Coasters

Customized Fashion

Watercolor and Acrylic Pouring Workshops

Therapeutic Art Sessions

Life Coaching

Always remember...

No matter what, be yourself. Being YOU is your SUPER POWER 

Don't be afraid to be DIFFERENT, be afraid of being the same as everyone else (unknown)

Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try (Michael Jordan)

Here's to 2019!! 

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